Vista Metadata Project

The Vista Metadata Project develops Windows Vista property handlers for the following media formats:

Why start this project?

Windows Vista was supposed to be a major step forward in the use of metadata. We were supposed to be able 'tag' every possible media file so we could sort and search for those files more easily. For some formats (Windows Media Audio/Video, MP3 and JPEG) we have those abilities and they work very well. Unfortunately many media formats did not have handlers included with Vista.

How can that be fixed?

Vista includes an API that allows anyone to create custom "property handlers". Property handlers are responsible for reading metadata that is embedded in a file and transforming that into a format that Windows can understand as well as writing changed metadata back to that file. If you've ever gone into the Windows shell and changed the artist, rating, year of release, etc. on an MP3, Windows Media or JPEG file you've used the front end to a property handler. Logo